UVC 10


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USES: Airports, Temples, Hotels, Resorts, Commercial Places, Schools, Collages, offices,  Factories, Shopping Malls Etc.

  • ISO 15858:2016 (For UVC Products and Lab Certified On Microbiology Report)




  • SIZE(Inc.): Hood Size (36 X 20 X 24), Conveyor Size (84 X24).
  • M.S Metal Hood with inside Reflective Metal Fabric.
  • DESIGN: UV Stable Material Conveyor With All Control Panel (Hours Counter).
  • WATT: 144 W
  • AMP/VOLT: 5AMP/220V
  • VOLUME/LIT: 255
  • M.S Metal Hood with inside Reflective Metal Fabric, Variable Gear Box, Hours Counter, Loading Tray, Viewing Window For UVC Light.
Power single phase
Material Ms Powder Coated Conveyor Belt (7 Feet Long)
Warranty 6 Month
Certification ISO15858:2016 (For UVC Products) LAB Certified on Microbiology Report
Wave Length 254nm
Brand Sanimax
Model Number UVC 10
Feature Strong MS powder coated auto continuous UVC Conveyor system with total time calculator, speed variab
Amp/volt 5 AMP/220V
Design Both Side Double Layer Curtain At Entry And Exit
Watt 144
Size(Inch) 36X24X24
Safety Feature Double Blind Curtains, Loading And Receival Steel Tray
Volume (Ltr.) 340

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