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Scale Terminator works within the water which is specialized microprocessor technology and does not use any chemicals or salt or magnetism. This technology breaks the complex structure of molecules into a simple structure that does not deposit or stick on the inner surface. The scale is washed away with the water as a fine powder. Sanimax Scale Terminator prevents your whole piping system, heating appliances, and equipment from aggressive scale deposits, unnecessary defects, and corrosion.

Descaling Method: The control box supplies a square wave signal to a coil of wire that is wrapped externally around the incoming pipeline entering the home. The signal sweeps all the frequencies from 1,000 to 20,000 Hz at a rate of 20 times a second. This produces a modulating frequency wave, the form that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium molecules causing them to lose their adhesiveness.

Pipe Materials:This system works on all pipe materials like Iron, Copper, Steel, Plastic, PVC, PE-X, compound pipes, etc.

For pipe sizes 1 inch-

Reduction of scale deposits in the complete piping system.

Remove existing scales, no need to add chemicals or cleaning agent.

Prevents choking and new scale build-up.

Slows down corrosion by forming a thin metal carbonate film between water and the metal surface.

The water feels softer.

Advantages of the Sanimax Scale Terminator over conventional methods:

No maintenance, no plumbing, and easy to install.

Mains pressure unaffected.

Compact and safe design.

Low running cost, no maintenance involved, negligible power consumption, and economical.

No wastage or draining of water required.

No additives or extra opening needed in the existing piping.

Signal Cable – A special 18 AWG stranded wire, 7 to 56 meter long (not available in hardware stores), is included with the unit

Power 88 Watt
Material Metal Sandwich Box With Reflective Metal Fabric
Size 48 x 24 x 24 inch
Certification ISO 15858:2016 (For UVC Products and Lab Certified On Microbiology Report)
Warranty 6 Months
Model Name/Number UVC 120
Brand SaniMax
Usage/Application Flat, Multistoried Building, Commercial Place, Schools, Collages, Factories, Temples, Shopping Malls
Voltage 220 V
Current 5 Amp
Volume 793 L
Country of Origin Made in India


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