UVC 60


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Power 44 Watt
Tube Material Quartz Glass
Material Metal Sandwich Box With Reflective Metal Fabric
Brand SaniMax
Application Bungalows, Vegetable Vendors, Offices, Factories, Temples, Food Joints, Gym.
Warranty 6 Months
Size 24 x 24 x 24 inch
Light Type UVC
Wavelength 254 nm
Certification ISO 15858:2016 (For UVC Products and Lab Certified On Microbiology Report)
Volume 227 L
Voltage 220 V
Model Number/Name UVC 60
Current 5 Amp
Country of Origin Made in India


Safety Features: Auto Shutdown with micro switch.

Design: Top Opening With Hydraulic Cylinder.

Features: Metal box with Exhaust fan, Micro Switch, Castor Wheel, Hydraulic Cylinder, Timer(Min.& Sec.), Beep cycle completion sound.



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